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August 2016

Digital Health: Eat, Drink & Be Healthy!

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We suspect many of you wear a mobile tracking device – or know someone that does. This continually evolving field has produced new tools capable of recording more than steps and sleep patterns. The newest generation features ingestible electronics that allow healthcare practitioners to diagnose, detect and monitor a wide range of physiological conditions.  By generating real-time, exceptionally personalized medical information, they make it possible to develop digital medicine that is more precise, effective and…

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Consistently Cool: AC System Maintenance Tips

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Every year, our partners at The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. (HSB) investigate numerous air conditioning (A/C) unit failures. The primary reason for most of these failures is poor preventive maintenance prior to start up. Although summer is winding down, proper maintenance will help sustain reliable and uninterrupted service from your A/C unit during the balance of the cooling season. We are pleased to offer these recommendations to guide your property management during…

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Mary Fisk-Bieker Appointed President of OneBeacon Technology

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We are pleased to announce that Mary Fisk-Bieker has been appointed President of OneBeacon Technology Insurance. Mary joined OneBeacon in 2010 and most recently served as our chief underwriting officer. Her 30+ years of industry experience include both the carrier and broker sides, and have been primarily focused on the technology markets. Please join us in congratulating Mary on her new role.

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Data Breach Summit Features OneBeacon Expertise

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Are you attending the SANS Institute’s Data Breach Summit in Chicago today? OneBeacon’s John Wurzler will be facilitating a session this afternoon with conference host and SANS Institute instructor Benjamin Wright. Following the premise that “learning comes from doing,” attendees will break into small discussion groups, receive a fact scenario and develop an action plan. The exercise will emphasize collaboration among experts such as CISOs, lawyers and risk managers. Speakers from earlier in the day will…

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Game on: the risky business of Pokemon GO

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The game’s the thing this summer and that game is, of course, Pokémon GO. As with any new opportunity, understanding potential exposures is a key consideration for those creating these inviting augmented realities – as well as the gamers enjoying them. OneBeacon Technology’s Lloyd Takata was recently featured in Carrier Management’s article regarding the mobile game’s potential risks. For additional insights on augmented and virtual reality technologies, read our recent whitepaper on this topic, titled…

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SMiShing: It’s sort of like Phishing

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You may have read about the recent SMiShing attack on Apple customers and wondered – What is SMiShing?  SMiShing is a phishing attack that uses SMS text messages instead of emails. The target receives a text message with an embedded link. The message could be about anything that may be alarming or interesting in order to gain the recipient’s attention. The recent Apple attack stated the recipient’s personal Apple account had been locked and instructed them to click…

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We are excited to introduce you to Tech Risk – our newest opportunity to share our views and resources on technology and risk management. Our focus is simple – provide ongoing access to insights authored by your friends at OneBeacon Technology Insurance. And from time to time, we’ll post articles or resources we believe are compelling and relevant. We’ll also rely on this blog to share some content we’ve been emailing to many of you through our…

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