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October 2016

The Attack on Dyn: A Cyber War

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Last Friday Dyn Inc. was the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Dyn is an internet company and one of the largest providers of DNS on the internet. This attack effectively blocked access to many popular websites – Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and Netflix. It was a sophisticated and significant cyber battle. It was not the first – and it will not be the last. There are several theories on why this happened; none have been…

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Industry Experts Talk Cybersecurity

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Fittingly, cybersecurity experts from the insurance and legal fields are sharing expertise during October’s National Cyber Security & Awareness Month courtesy of NetDiligence. The group is hosting its fall Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Forum this week, with OneBeacon Technology Insurance leaders in attendance. In fact, OneBeacon Technology SVP & Cyber product lead David Molitano is a panelist during a breakout session titled “Security of Payments.” The panel will address mobile payment platforms, tokenization and…

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Stop. Think. Connect.

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No, that’s not the new tagline for a virtual reality game set. It’s the theme-line used to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month (or “NCSAM”) observed each October. This collaboration by the public and private sectors is in its 13th year. NCSAM’s goal is simple: providing a broad range of resources to remind us all to carefully proceed online. For ready access to resources you can use to promote NCSAM in your community, we encourage…

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Digital Pirates Seek More Than Free Music

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How many warnings have you seen about clicking on unfamiliar links or confirming email addresses to be sure it’s a known and trusted source? Typically the goal is avoiding a computer virus, but you also need to be aware of digital pirates eager to seize computer files in exchange for a ransom fee. Sound far-fetched? Hardly; ransomware has been around since 1989 and has become more widespread in recent years. These digital pirates are becoming…

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TechAssure West Conference

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We always appreciate the opportunity to share expertise with technology and insurance colleagues. This week we’re excited to participate in our partners at TechAssure‘s Fall Conference being hosted in Seattle. Our medical technology business leader, Todd Lauer, will be presenting on the U.S. life of  clinical trials environment. We look forward to networking with TechAssure friends old and new!

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