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January 2017

Ransomware Attacks: Stay Aware; Stay Alert

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Last week, several reports cited the unauthorized access to corporate databases through vulnerable platforms. The extortionists are demanding payments in exchange for the data, but apparently most data was not being returned upon payment of those ransoms. The initial attacks targeted databases running on MongoDB and then copycat attacks occurred on Elasticsearch servers. Our partners at BitSight alerted us to this matter and will continue to monitor and offer updates. Feel free to share this…

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Inspiring Youth

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Happy New Year! We’re happy to share one more photo of our holiday giving efforts, this time featuring our southern California team. Our colleagues decided to allocate their donation to Create Inspiring Youth for a Better Tomorrow. This nonprofit is based in Orange, California and serves local homeless and at-risk youth through educational opportunities and essential services. They specifically focus on the Skyview School – a local K-8 school whose primarily homeless students are desperately…

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