How to be Safer When Using Public WiFi


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Public WiFi spots are everywhere these days. They’re convenient, especially when you’re on the go, but they could also leave your information vulnerable. Here are some tips to stay safer if you use public WiFi.

Avoid accessing confidential information

When connected to public WiFi, don’t log on to banking or similar apps, and don’t use apps or sites that involve personal, sensitive or confidential data. That goes for email too.

Beware who’s ‘listening’

Why? The danger of public WiFi is that someone on that network may be “listening” to the information and data streaming back and forth from your device. That data could potentially be used to go back and access your accounts or other personal information.

Delete your profile when you’re done

Just because you log on to a public WiFi network doesn’t mean you want to every time you’re near it. Once you’ve finished using a network, make sure you log out and then delete the public WiFi network from the list of networks on your phone or device.

If you don’t, your device could log on automatically next time you’re nearby, even when you don’t want it to. That puts you at risk for inadvertently sharing personal or confidential information.

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