Your Money or Your Computer Files; Beware of Ransomware

How many warnings have you seen about clicking on unfamiliar links or confirming emails to be sure the sender is a known and trusted source? Typically the goal is avoiding a computer virus, but today, we also need to consider digital pirates eager to seize computer files in exchange for a ransom fee. Sound far-fetched? Hardly; ransomware has been around since 1989 and has become more widespread in recent years. Furthermore, these digital pirates are becoming cleverer, so knowing how to minimize these intrusions is just smart defense.

We’re pleased to share our recently updated whitepaper titled “Minimizing the Impact of Ransomware” authored by OneBeacon’s Joe Budzyn and Tushar Nandwana. In this whitepaper we define ransomware, how it typically appears and offer mitigation steps.

Please feel free to share this material with your staff and with your clients. For further information regarding OneBeacon’s technology risk control services, feel free to contact Dan Bauman, SVP risk control services, at

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