Advancements in 3D Metal Printing

By 06.20.2019Whitepapers

With today’s technology advancements, 3D printing has been expanding considerably in a positive direction impacting the world of manufacturing. Though 3D printing can be traced back to the 1980s, it has grown immensely with each new development, with 3D metal printing projected to be a billion dollar market by 2023, impacting fields from the production of airplanes to costume design. Not only is this technology revolutionizing the industry with its ability to print in complex detail, but the availability increases as the cost decreases.

We are pleased to provide further information on this topic with our second whitepaper of the year titled, “3D Metal Printing: Driving the World of Manufacturing Forward,” authored by Information Technology Risk Control Specialist Elizabeth Marazzo. This whitepaper explores the captivating world of 3D printing and discusses its evolution, advantages and disadvantages, as well as its potential risks.

We hope you enjoy this publication and invite you to browse our complete whitepaper library for additional technology-focused insights.

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