Peaks and Perseverance

Our people are passionate about their work solving technology risk management needs. But, they’re also passionate about a variety of hobbies and interests outside of work, which is why they make such interesting colleagues! One great example is OneBeacon Technology’s Elizabeth Marazzo, who recently traveled to Peru where she summited the Pachututek Peak at an elevation of 15,354 feet! She showed perseverance during the difficult climb and also experienced the simple ways of the Inca people, living in stone huts and letting their alpacas and llamas graze for miles. Some of these animals even followed her up the summit! Then, she hiked Machu Pichu at 7,972 feet and enjoyed a view of the citadel from Huayna Picchu, which is a higher mountain at 8,924 feet elevation. This was used by the Incas for worship and as a lookout point. Their architecture was built in the 1400s when there were no modern tools, yet it still holds and the waterways still work.

On this trip, Elizabeth packed a OneBeacon branded flag as pictured below. Elizabeth said “without the OneBeacon community, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish these things!” Overall, she had an epic and humbling adventure. We are proud of Elizabeth for her accomplishments!






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