Leading Domain Registrars Hacked by Third-Party – Protect Your Account Information

According to a recent Krebs on Security article, top domain name registrars, NetworkSolutions.com, Register.com and Web.com, issued a statement asking customers to reset their passwords after discovering a third-party gained unauthorized access to customer account information in August 2019.

The information exposed included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and information regarding an account’s services. A spokesperson for Web.com, which owns both NetworkSolutions.com and Register.com, does not believe customer passwords were accessed. In a statement, the company said:

“We encrypt account passwords and do not believe this information is vulnerable as a specific result of this incident. As an added precautionary measure, customers will be required to reset passwords the next time they log in to their accounts.”

Web.com said it has reported the incident to law enforcement and hired an outside security firm to investigate further. It’s unclear how long the hackers were in the system, but there’s a possibility they accessed information for weeks before being noticed by the company.

In instances where account information is being compromised more and more, it’s important to follow a few quick tips to protecting your passwords and account information:

  • Change account passwords regularly.
  • Ensure passwords are complex and unique.
  • Do not manually log in to any accounts on unsecure networks.
  • Be sure to use a VPN or other device to provide network security when using public Wi-Fi.

These simple and proactive tips can help keep your personal account information safe, in a world of increased cyber risk.

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