DEA Controlled Substances & Regulatory Compliance Whitepaper Available

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Medicine plays a vital role in safeguarding public health throughout the world. Pharmaceutical companies develop medicines to treat and cure sickness and disease. However, despite these noble intentions, occasionally substances created for a specific therapeutic purpose become dangerous. As such, federal and state governments have passed numerous laws to control and manage the prescription, use, storage, handling and disposal of such controlled substances.

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Consent Phishing: Cyber Criminals Want More Than Your Password

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Reliance on cloud services has increased in conjunction with the recent shift to remote work, education, and healthcare. Cloud computing allows data to be stored and accessed via the Internet rather than on a local computer. Use of cloud collaboration apps such as Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams, has grown dramatically.  As a result., application-based attacks are becoming more prevalent as society pivots to these virtual tools. Capabilities inherent in applications are being used to…

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Autonomous Vehicles: Why Drive When the Vehicle Drives You

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The idea of being effortlessly chauffeured by self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles (AV), has been a dream of futurists for several decades. They envision a time where businesses and consumers will use the technology to transport goods and people alike. We’re pleased to share our latest whitepaper titled, “Autonomous Vehicles: Why Drive When the Vehicle Drives You” authored by OneBeacon’s Tushar Nandwana.  In this whitepaper, he provides an overview of the history of Autonomous Vehicle development, pros…

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COVID-19: Unprecedented Surge of Cyber Threats

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As the world acclimates to our “new normal,” cyber criminals persist in exploiting COVID-19. The sudden growth in remote work, virtual education and healthcare, along with the surge in online shopping and society’s hunger for pandemic-related information have created a lucrative environment. It is important be on-guard, with increased vigilance around your personal and professional cyber defense.

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COVID-19: Cyber Attacks Increasing

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In  uncertain or chaotic times, the last thing many of us think about is Cyber security. Cyber criminals will take advantage of such distraction and create new ways of targeting the public. That is the case currently, where several types of new attacks have been discovered that leverage the public’s concern generated by COVID-19. So as you are surfing the web for information or trying to adjust to a remote work situation, please be sure…

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A New Decade, Same Cyber Problems

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It’s a new year and a new decade, a time for predictions and resolutions. But we don’t need a crystal ball to predict that keeping pace with the increasing number of ever-evolving cyber threats will be challenging for businesses, governments and individuals this year and beyond, and that demand for cyber security skills will continue to be on the rise.

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Leading Domain Registrars Hacked by Third-Party – Protect Your Account Information

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According to a recent Krebs on Security article, top domain name registrars,, and, issued a statement asking customers to reset their passwords after discovering a third-party gained unauthorized access to customer account information in August 2019. The information exposed included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and information regarding an account’s services. A spokesperson for, which owns both and, does not believe customer passwords were accessed. In a statement,…

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