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Cloud Computing: Business Opportunity or Data Threat?

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This post was featured in Equipment Connection – the risk management blog authored by our partners at Hartford Steam Boiler. In today’s world, we are surrounded by and enjoying the benefits of advances in technology. As mechanical, electronic and information technologies evolve and intertwine, so do the risks of breakdown and security breaches. One of the most substantial trends impacting businesses today, is “cloud” computing. What is the cloud? Cloud computing can be loosely defined as: Outsourcing what would…

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New OSHA Requirements: Electronic Submittal Of Injury and Illness Records

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Effective January 1, 2017, OSHA revised its requirements for recording and electronically submitting work-related injuries and illnesses records for posting to the OSHA website. The new reporting requirements will be phased in over three years and pertain to establishments with 20+ employees in industries covered by the record-keeping regulation. The new requirements pertain to the following records: OSHA 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses: most companies are required to maintain this log on an…

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Artificial Intelligence on the ECIA Phoenix Agenda

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As technology insurance specialists, we appreciate opportunities to share expertise with our industry partners and colleagues. Next week, Risk Control Manager Tushar Nandwana will speak at the Electonic Components Industry Association’s (ECIA) regional event in Phoenix. Tushar will discuss artificial intelligence, including the growth of this technology. He will also review the proliferation of its use in existing and new applications, and potential concerns or hazards. For additional information about ECIA and this event, visit the…

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Stay Security Smart During the Holidays!

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You may have heard the term “botnet” as relates to cybersecurity.  A botnet is a collection of devices that have been infected by a hacker’s program. Hackers routinely scan the internet looking for online devices and once identified, they are probed for security controls. If none are found, the hacker will install a program and add the device to their botnet. Over time, botnets can include millions of devices. Once a device is infected, the…

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Electrical distribution systems need TLC, too!

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Every year, OneBeacon’s partners at The Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) investigate numerous electrical distribution system failures. The primary reasons for these failures are loose or high resistance electrical connections, excessive moisture and lightning. To help you achieve reliable and uninterrupted service of your electrical distribution system, we are pleased to share HSB’s insights and suggestions. This reference piece – Maximize The Service Life Of Your Electrical Distribution System – is available on our website Safety…

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Game on: the risky business of Pokemon GO

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The game’s the thing this summer and that game is, of course, Pokémon GO. As with any new opportunity, understanding potential exposures is a key consideration for those creating these inviting augmented realities – as well as the gamers enjoying them. OneBeacon Technology’s Lloyd Takata was recently featured in Carrier Management’s article regarding the mobile game’s potential risks. For additional insights on augmented and virtual reality technologies, read our recent whitepaper on this topic, titled…

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