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2019 Global Life Science Trends

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Infographic published by Deloitte and is available on their website We recently came across a compelling infographic summarizing the trends anticipated for the life sciences sector by Deloitte. The content reflects on the many variables affecting the industry, notably economics, technology, competition and emerging products/protocols, among others. As we continue supporting this innovative field, we thought you may find this content of interest as well.

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Gene Editing: Life-Changing Science

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In recent years, the practice of scientifically adapting human DNA has been advanced through the breakthroughs resulting from the National Institute of Health’s Human Genome Project. Through the careful adaption of DNA, researchers are advancing targeted options for treating serious illnesses, such as certain cancers. But these opportunities are also introducing important conversations regarding medical ethics and other risks. We are pleased to offer deeper insights on this topic in our first whitepaper of the…

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Medical Technology Solutions: One Form for First- and Third-Party Coverages

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We’re excited to let you know about our new modular product designed to address life science companies’ exposure to products-completed operations, professional, information risk and communication liability risks. Through a menu-driven approach, customers can customize their solution from our broad array of first- and third-party coverages with a common set of easy-to-read definitions, conditions and exclusions. And with many imbedded coverages, you’ll require fewer endorsements to achieve the comprehensive insurance program your clients require. MedTech…

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Printing for Life

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When 3D printing technology emerged, there was immediate excitement within the life science community, which quickly imagined the many possibilities. Fast forward to 2017 and 3D printing has expanded to “bioprinting,” or the practice of manufacturing tissue and organs with materials that incorporate viable living cells. This almost unbelievable technique has enabled practitioners to test advancements in the area of reconstructive surgery, transplantation and more. We are pleased to announce our newest whitepaper which addresses…

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Life Science Cares

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On May 16, several OneBeacon Technology teammates started their morning by attending the Life Science Cares Impact Breakfast in Cambridge, Mass. The fundraiser celebrated the industry’s commitment to end poverty in the greater Boston area. By combining the industry’s human and financial resources, Life Science Cares works hard to fight poverty in the local community. Representing our team were several of our East Region’s staff pictured below, along with OneBeacon Technology President Mary Fisk-Bieker. The group was…

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MedTech Insights: What’s your gut telling you?

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We’re pleased to share our most recent whitepaper titled, “Microbiome: What is your gut telling you?” authored by Risk Control Medical Technology Specialist Elizabeth Marazzo. As you’ll read, Elizabeth explains the study of microbiomes, their impact on our individual well-being and how the life science and healthcare industries are harnessing these insights to improve medical treatments and preventive care. Please visit our website to view our complete library of technology-focused whitepapers.

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TechAssure West Conference

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We always appreciate the opportunity to share expertise with technology and insurance colleagues. This week we’re excited to participate in our partners at TechAssure‘s Fall Conference being hosted in Seattle. Our medical technology business leader, Todd Lauer, will be presenting on the U.S. life of  clinical trials environment. We look forward to networking with TechAssure friends old and new!

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