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Game on: the risky business of Pokemon GO

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The game’s the thing this summer and that game is, of course, Pokémon GO. As with any new opportunity, understanding potential exposures is a key consideration for those creating these inviting augmented realities – as well as the gamers enjoying them. OneBeacon Technology’s Lloyd Takata was recently featured in Carrier Management’s article regarding the mobile game’s potential risks. For additional insights on augmented and virtual reality technologies, read our recent whitepaper on this topic, titled…

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SMiShing: It’s sort of like Phishing

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You may have read about the recent SMiShing attack on Apple customers and wondered – What is SMiShing?  SMiShing is a phishing attack that uses SMS text messages instead of emails. The target receives a text message with an embedded link. The message could be about anything that may be alarming or interesting in order to gain the recipient’s attention. The recent Apple attack stated the recipient’s personal Apple account had been locked and instructed them to click…

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